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Apple Tablet (aka iTablet): Digital entertainment game changer

By now we all know about the Apple Tablet, it is either the worst secret or a great scam by bloggers. However, you have to hand it to the iPhone maker for not letting any official information out about what the device will look like and what specs it has.

ZDNet does point out that the new Tablet PC or iTablet as it has been dubbed could end up being a game changer when it comes to digital entertainment. The reason for this is simple, your whole home entertainment system could center on the new Apple device.

ZDNet points out that they do not expect the tablet to replace your new large screen LCD TV, but it will change how you interact with it and the content that you view on it. While talking to mu cousin today, he suggested that it could interact with your Apple TV, allowing you to use it as an advanced remote system to access the content and then set up what you wish to view.

The first thing that you would want to do once you get the new device, well if it exist is to get rid of your current universal remote. With the right app, you will be able to access all your home entertainment equipment, although this would require infrared on the tablet device.

There is a possibility that the iTablet could work as a media streamer, and with Wi-Fi capabilities, we are certain that this will happen. Whatever the Apple Tablet PC will look like, it will certainly change our life in the home.



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