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Apple iTablet: Questions

The Apple press event is all people can talk about today, and the big device that is rumored to be launched today is their tablet PC, which many are calling the iTablet. Apple is always great at keeping secrets, but not publishing giant McGraw-Hill.

While speaking on CNBC, the chairman of the publishing firm said that they had worked with Apple for years and that they will announce a tablet at the event today. He said that it will run on iPhone OS so will be transferable.

Letting this slip will not please Steve Jobs, we wonder what the CEO has done for McGraw-Hill to let this bug secret out?

Not much is known about this latest devcie, we know that it will come with a 7 to 10-inch OLED or LCD display.It looks as though the devcie will also get a front-facing camera, ideal for video chat.

There are more unanswered than answered questions, such as what will the OS be, the smart money is on a new Apple iPhone OS 4.0.

If this is this case, then will the current iPhone apps be able to run on the tablet or will they need to be updated?

We mentioned that the Apple Tablet PC will have access to mobile data, but will the iPhone maker choose AT&T or Verizon? Then again they could open it up to all cell phone carriers, T-Mobile and Sprint included.

What other questions have been left unanswered, and what do you expect from this latest Apple device?



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