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Apple iPad vs. Laptops, Smartphone, and Netbooks

So the Apple event is well under way and we now know what their new tablet device is called the iPad. We can tell you that the new portable computer looks so sexy, which you can see on the Live Blog page on Engadget. Steve Jobs is certainly selling the iPad by saying that it is better than a laptop, netbook or smartphone.

We know for certain that it will not be as powerful as a laptop, but we know that it is more portable. However, when it comes to the netbook, he is not certain why people would want something that is not powerful and can often run very slow.

The Apple CEO even said that it is better than a smartphone, but not sure how that can be, unless the iPad is a giant phone as well. The device is very thin, which you can see by the way that Jobs is sitting on a sofa while he surfs the Internet.

The tablet device can do all what you iPhone can do but much faster, such as go online, view photos, watch video and play music via the built-in iPod. The screen certainly looks nice while viewing movie on.

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