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Apple iPad runs all iPhone apps: New SDK for developer

Sorry about all these Apple iPad posts, but we know that our readers will want to know all about it. We can tell you that this new 9.7-inch tablet PC will be able to run almost all iPhone apps and there is also a new SDK for developer’s available for download now.

Developers will be able to get on and tweak their apps to make them work even better on the new device. Engadget is at the event writing as Steve Jobs and the team gives us more information, and we know that it is like a large iPhone and it acts like one as well.

Apple have been working hard and have built its apps from the ground up, just so they know that they can perform as best as possible on the iPad. When running the apps you will be able to set up the d-pad on the screen so you can customize your own controls.

We are still unsure what OS the new Apple iPad is running, Steve Jobs is certainly keeping this as one of the last details. Keep up-to-date with all our Apple Event details.



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