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Apple iPad: A4 ARM chip with 10 hours battery life, 1-month standby

We are now starting to learn more about the new Apple iPad with every minute. What we know about the specs so far is that it measures 9.7-inches and comes with a 1GHz Apple A4 chip. We were also told that it would have a battery life of 10 hours and a 1-month standby.

We wonder if that is 10 Apple hours or real hours? There have been many times when they give us a battery life and learn that it comes up much shorter than that. There is a choice of storage sizes from 16GB to 64GB, so we assume that there will be a 32GB version in the middle.

Looking at what we have seen so far, we have to wonder how Apple has managed to squeeze 10 hours out of the iPad. They must have worked hard on the battery itself, along with the display and the software running it.

That’s another thing, what is the software running it, we are still waiting to here that piece of information. We know that it is just half and inch think and weighs just 1.5 pounds.

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