Apple announcement time at the ‘latest creation’ event

We just a few minutes to go until the Apple Live Event gets going, we are certain that the people taking to their seats are filled with some excitement. We always know that when Steve Jobs takes to the stage, there will be a big cheer and for good reason.

It is still not known what we will see at this ‘latest creation’ event, but we do have a good idea. It does not matter if it will be the rumored Apple Tablet PC, a new iPhone, a new iPhone OS 4.0 or even the best selling smartphone heading to Verizon, whatever it is, it will be great.

So we have waited months for this event, people have now queued outside for hours and have now taken to their seats and their laptops open ready to type. One website that will tapping away like mad is Engadget, they have a live blog so will report it is at happens. Here is a list of other live blogs at the event, just in case Engadget slows down or crashes.

So the question is, will Apple finally unveil a tablet device and what will it be called?



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