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8.20 GHz Intel Celeron D: Extreme Overclocking

Overclocking is something which has never interested me, no doubt better performance is always great, but why risk components for an extra few MHz of performance?

An overclocker representing Xtremelabs has recently set a new record whilst overclocking an Intel Celeron-D 347, usually this chip runs at 3.06GHz, however he managed to get it to run at 8.20Ghz.

CPU-Z shows that the core voltage of this overclocked chip was 2.096V, it had a bus speed of 356.5MHz and a multiplier of x 23.0, this gave the chip a core speed of 8199.5 MHz, the record prior to this was just 16.8MHz less.

To achieve such a high speed the overclocker (known a TiN) used a LanParty UT P35 motherboard and OCZ memory, unsurprisingly liquid nitrogen was responsible for keeping the rig cool.

For further details regarding the recent Celeron-D 347 overclocking check out Maximum PC.

Do you overclock your processor? If so, what chip have you got and what speed is it clocked at?



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