Zune Update: New software includes phone drivers

The latest Zune update looks simple enough at first, but it seems there is a little more to the new software that may include some phone drivers. According to Mobility Site, has posted information about the new Zune software that points to some sort of ‘phone hardware’.

It’s been denied many times in the past, but this latest software has started the debate about a “Zune Phone” all over again. The new drivers that are apparently in this update may be used for Zune integration for Windows Mobile.

After looking into today’s Zune software update (v4.2.202.0), Mobility Site feel that the secret “Zune Phone” is “pretty much confirmed”. Have a read of their blog post, and let us know if you would agree. You can see the lines of code from the .INF file via the above link, which looks very convincing.

Some readers may feel that this Zune update was timed just right, right before Mobile World Congress 2010.



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