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Xbox 360 News: Microsoft’s Xbox Live pricing and lawsuit

According to a recent article posted on InformationWeek it seems as if Microsoft may soon be on the receiving end of more legal action, an attorney has stated that customers “aren’t getting what they pay for when they use Microsoft’s virtual currency”.

This attorney has now filed a class action suit against Microsoft, he filed the suit following purchasing Microsoft points from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

He is claiming that he attempted to purchase content from the Xbox Live Marketplace, however upon purchasing the content he was unable to receive what he purchased.

He claims that this was not an accident, infact he believes that Microsoft purposely do it, he believes this is “fraudulent handling” of his account.

I must admit sometimes purchasing content from the Xbox Live Marketplace can be a of a pain, however I have never believed that this is purposeful, and especially not fraudulent.

The attorney goes on to talk about scrapping Microsoft Points, personally I would prefer Microsoft to to just scrap ‘Microsoft Points’, I feel there is no need for the points from a consumers point of view.



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