Twitter Growing Fastest, Facebook Is Biggest Social Network

The web browser developer Opera have recently released their latest ‘State of the Mobile Web’ report, this latest report concentrates mainly on mobile social networking services.

It is no-surprise really that Facebook was the most-visited social network on the mobile Web in 2009 (according to Opera’s statistics), it is thought that during 2009 there was an increase in unique users of more than 600%.

Twitter has had an even bigger growth than Facebook, in 2009 the service saw a usage increase of more than 2800%.

2009 was also a good year for Opera Mini (their mobile browser), in December alone more than 46.3 million people used the browser, which when compared to the December prior to this shows an increase of 159%.

With all of the advances in mobile communication and mobile devices this last year it is no surprise to see some of these figures, I wonder what will be the success stories of 2010.


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