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Three Zune Phone Models Coming to Mobile World Congress

Early last year there was a lot of talk about Microsoft launching a Zune Phone, not much has been heard in recent months, that is until now. Looking on a recent software update for the Zune HD media player, there was a little secret hiding inside, and that is the launch of three Zune phone models.

If we are to believe this story from istartedsomething, then it is perfect timing ahead of next months Mobile World Congress. We have to wonder what these three different model variations will be, they will not be to do with the storage size, as model numbers on current Zune products are grouped together.

2009 was not a great year for Microsoft, but 2010 looks set to be much better, not in the cell phone market but in other areas of its business. Windows Mobile phone sales have been decreasing all the time due to the popularity of the Apple iPhone and the constant bombardment of Android smartphones.

Microsoft are hoping that its delayed Windows Mobile 7 will turn its fortunes in the handset market, but we feel that it is too late for that. It does not matter if they come up with a better mobile OS, they need the hardware to go with it, and many of their current partners are now starting to back Google Android much more.

Would you bye a Zune Phone if Microsoft launched one?



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