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Nintendo Wii almost had Xbox 360’s Project Natal technology

The Nintendo Wii changed the way many people play games from the moment it was released, which was followed by unbelievable sales results thanks to it’s unique features and fitness benefits.

While the Wii remote is pretty impressive, it’s nothing like the upcoming PS3 motion controller and Xbox 360’s Project Natal. The sad point is that the Project Natal technology was apparently offered to Satoru Iwata – Nintendo boss – back at the end of 2007.

CVG are reporting that Satoru Iwata had a chance to make something from the tech that became Project Natal, but his reason for turning it down was that he believed the cost to mass-market would be too much.

This information is apparently from a “top insider” from “Japan HQ”. CVG continues to say that 3DV Systems demoed the early design in 2007 to Nintendo bigwigs, which included Iwata. Have a read of the article on CVG, and then leave your thoughts in the comments.



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