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New iPhone Google Voice: App Store Bypass

For those Apple iPhone users who have been missing their Google Voice App, the search engine giant has managed to bypass the app store and offer its new service to not only the iPhone but also webOS as well. We have to wonder how they have managed to pull such a thing off?

Senior Product Manager Vincent Paquet has said that the new web app will work on any HTML 5 device, although the current app has only been formatted to work with Apple’s iPhone OS and Palm’s webOS. Engadget has been looking more closely at the new web app to see how it works.

Google Voice now works like its mobile Gmail site, with the app caching your contacts list when you visit your web browser page. All the features are there, such as checking your inbox, SMS messages as well as a voicemail feature.

You can even make a call on the new app, you will have to dial them though Google. Although this is a long-winded way, it helps you get much lower rates through the search engine giant. This is perfect if you have to make a number of international calls.

Engadget points out that this is not the best solution as there are a number of downsides. However, this is the best that Google has to offer until the likes of Apple play ball and decide to reinstate Google Voice back on the App Store.



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