New iPhone 4G in 2010: All cell carriers may stock new phone

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 26, 2010

The new iPhone 4G in 2010 may not follow the same practices that past Apple iPhones followed, this includes the amount of cell carriers you can buy the device on. Business Week are reporting that the iPhone could release on “all U.S. wireless carriers” within the next 18-months.

Following on from Apple’s latest financial results that were extremely impressive, an analyst – Tim Horan at Oppenheimer & Co – believes we could see Apple double or triple the number of iPhones sold over the next 18-months, if they open the device up to all wireless carriers in the United States.

Horan said that Clearwire Corp. should get the iPhone in 2011, Sprint Nextel Corp. and Verizon Wireless in the fall 2010, and T-Mobile USA Inc. as soon as summer 2010. He believes that AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity will end around “mid-2010”.

With demand for data services growing, users who use Smartphones like Apple’s iPhone are reported to spend around 80 percent more a month. AT&T says that the third quarter saw $61.23 spent per user (average monthly revenue per user), this compares to $56 at Sprint, and $51.04 at Verizon Wireless. It makes sense why the other networks want the iPhone with these figures.

Do you think Apple need to open the iPhone up to all wireless carriers? Read more on Business Week.

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  • nikki

    Yes…I mean blackberry is offered with all carriers so i think it would be a smart move on Apple's part to do the same thing

  • Ron S.

    Make it for all the carriers they are greedy and need to be more competitive. The best price deal will get the most consumers. Special price gouging needs to end and let the phone do what it can. I don't buy a laptop and have to use a specific internet carrier. IMHO

  • Sherwin

    No let AT&T just carry it, and ream it’s customers so I can buy an older model and use it on T-Mobile.
    Was this a rhetorical question? AT&T Wireless is a bad joke to all those who don’t use them …

  • marie

    Well duh they should. I have been waiting for the iphone on verizon to come out sense forever, Sense I heard of the iphone.

  • Jason

    This would be a great decision, especially since android phones are already available on 3/4 of all major carriers in the U.S.