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Mass Effect 2 Reviews: Love and Hates

There is no denying that Mass Effect 2 is a great game, but as with all reviews there will be those who love it and then some who absolutely hates it, which one are you? Brave New Gamer thought that the game deserved a closer look to see what are the top five downsides to the game. One downside is how the DLC was taking offline yesterday, which you can read more about here.

The first they say is when it comes to reloading, it seems that changing the no-ammo to a partial-ammo system makes it more frantic during combat. The problem is after you have engaged the enemy you will need to search for heatsinks so you are not forced to switch to a different weapon.

The constant need to keep checking the ship and computer is made easier with an on-board secretary, well that is the theory anyway. This is a constant pain as she is so slow at her job, often taking her time to tell you that you have a message or that someone is trying to get hold of you.

The game is said to be very easy to play, so you will need to select a much harder setting from the beginning. Brave New Gamer said that killing the last boss is too easy.

The fourth problem with the game is that there are no characters that stand out unlike the Mass Effect 1. Wrex was so great in the first game, something that is missing in this new version. The final problem is that the direction of the game is very weak. To understand what this means visit



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