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Mass Effect 2: Must have video game for 2010

There is no denying how popular the first installment of Mass Effect was, so there is no reason why the sequel will be any different. There are those who believe that the new role-playing game Mass Effect 2 will be a contender for “game of the season” for 2010, which is what USA Today believes.

BioWare and Electronic Arts know that they are on to a winner with the second out of a planned trilogy of Mass Effect games. The sequel continues with the adventures of Commander Shepard in the 22nd century, but there are now some new characters and weapons to try and give the gamer more than the first game did.

The great thing about this new game is that you do not need to know anything about the first; you can just pick up your weapons start your campaign. If you would like to continue, as you own Commander Shepard, then you are able to import your saved games settings from before.

The story is different in Mass Effect 2, you as Shepard will have to work with Cerberus to help save mankind from a strange new threat. To get about in the game you have the use of a huge 3D map on your starship, this will allow you to travel to a number of destination in the galaxy.

This new game is a lot like the first in the way that you will fall in love and then be betrayed. There are even mini-games that you can play, these will affect the story of the main game that you are playing. Read a review of the love and hates of Mass Effect 2.

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