MAG Review on PS3: Technically sound

By Peter Chubb - Jan 26, 2010

When it comes to writing a review for MAG on the PS3, one persons experience will be different than another’s. There are a number of factors to this, such as who you play with online. If you have a poor team then you will look for all the bad points, but if you get teamed with some good men, then you will enjoy the game and find all the good in it.

NowGamer thought that it was time to offer their review of the game, which they said was “Technically sound”. The first thing that you need to know is, MAG is all about large-scale military confrontations, so you will need to be prepared for an ugly battle as well as hours of your time.

If you are hoping that MAG being a bigger game than Modern Warfare 2, SOCOM or Battlefield will be any better, then NowGamer warns that you will be disappointed. The game is confusing in the way that you have no idea about the war that you and the other players are fighting in.

If you play MAG with the other players in your team like a well-oiled machine, then the rewards are great. However, if you decide that it is a free-for-all game, then MAG will disappoint, as you will not get to enjoy the depth that the developers have gone too.

NowGamer gives MAG for the Sony PS3 a 6 out of 10, read their review to learn why this is.

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  • champofmetal

    Terrible review, if you don’t know the reason or objectives during the game… You obviously aren’t looking at the screen or have any sound source. It is constantly commanding your team to the objective that is under compromise. This game isn’t a disappointment, this review is. Grow up and learn to play the game and you will find a far more sophisticated, adult oriented shooter. It takes maturity and patience, it isn’t run and gun…