iPhone 4G: Rumors shown visually

By Jamie Pert - Jan 26, 2010

There have been many rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 4G so far, so much so it is hard to remember exactly the handset is rumored to feature, however a recent article posted on TheHuffingtonPost shows a graphical representation of all of the rumors.

The image has been added to the end of this post, it shows that it is 99% likely that the iPhone 4G will launch between May and July 2010, there is also a 90% chance that it will feature an OLED display.

Other likely features include a 5 megapixel camera, a touch sensitive case and a dual-core processor along with more RAM. Less likely features include DVR functionality, an LED flash and a built-in RFID.

Personally I think this graphical representation is spot on, however I really do hope that Apple give their 5 megapixel some sort of flash, for more information check out TheHuffingtonPost.

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  • Nic

    There is almost a 0% chance this iphone will be a dual core. Mark my words

  • eliseo

    it looks good, but I'm sure that there will not be a full metal case, apple is trying to moving past that, (as seen in the new imac and in the ipad the case around the sides is smaller) so i have a feeling that the glass will be pushed all the way to the edges. And a flash would be nice, but I have a feeling apple will be making their own type of flash, cause i do not see apple putting one of these ugly l.e.d flashes on the back of their sleek device. Who knows thats where the 'glowing logo' may come in to the picture =)

  • guest

    that's definitely the coolest mock up of the next iphone i've ever seen. it looks like the home button is touch sensitive which would be a nice touch. the design just looks like something apple would do.

  • With supported of a more complete features and sophisticated, I think this product will succeed in the market, like the previous generation, iPhone 3G.