Bioshock 2 on PS3: Will you ignore the sequel?

When the first Bioshock was released on the Xbox 360 it was a very popular game, but PS3 owners had to wait another year for the game. The problem with this was that the excitement for the game had already passed, which was clearly seen in its sales. We now wonder if the sequel “Bioshock 2” will be passed over by PS3 users?

Let us not lose sight of this, the Sony PlayStation 3 version of Bioshock to some was far superior to the Xbox 360 version, but it was released too late to capitalize on that. By that time there were a number of other great games to play, so the developer will need to get their timing right this time round.

However, it looks as though the developer has got it wrong again. Bioshock 2 launches in a few weeks, but PS3 owners are more exited about the release of other titles, such as Heavy Rain (see first 9 minutes of the game) and White Knight Chronicles.

PSX Extreme are not saying that the Bioshock sequel is a game to be passed up by PS3 owners as it is a contender for “Game of the Year”, its just that there is more hype over other titles. You should certainly give Bioshock 2 a chance; it looks set to be a superb game.

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