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Apple’s New Tablet PC: What the commercial may look like

French site posted what looks to be a commercial of the rumored Apple Tablet PC, which could be unveiled at tomorrow’s Press Event. We are more than certain that the commercial is a spoof, but it does make you wonder what the official Tablet PC commercial may look like.

For those who thought that the ad was real, you only have to look at past Apple commercials to see that you are being misled. Watching the video you can clearly see that certain things have been recycled to make it look as though Apple made it themselves.

Some people were taken in, that is until we saw the tablet in the ad running on OS X. This is certainly not going to be the operating system, we have mentioned on a number of occasions that a new version of the iPhone OS will run the device.

Anyway we are going of track here a little, Apple would not release a commercial before Steve Jobs has taken to the stage to show off his new device. The tablet that we are likely to see will not have a load of ports; it will probably have just the basics just like the MacBook Air does.

When Apple does unveil their tablet device, how do you think their commercial will look?



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