Apple Tablet PC maker (Foxconn) reports decline in profit

The worlds biggest contract maker of mobile phones, Foxconn is set to announce a huge decline in profits, the largest in ten months. However, we wonder if Apple were to launch their Tablet PC, would this send Foxconn shares soaring?

You might remember in an article that we wrote in October that DigiTimes reported that Foxconn had won the order to become the maker of the rumored Apple Tablet PC. It was said that the new device would be launched in Q1 of 2010, which does fit with recent rumors of a March release.

The rumored iTablet/iSlate maker has seen an 8.7 percent drop in shares, which now stand at HK$8.08 each. This is their largest decline since March 2009. According to BusinessWeek, the reason for the decline in profits was due to the global recession last year, one that Apple has been able to battle through following their profit increase that we reported yesterday.

Tomorrow, Wednesday January 27, 2010 will be the day that Apple holds their Press Event; this is when we hope to see their tablet PC launched. If the recent rumors were true that Foxconn were to get the manufacturing contract, then we need to keep a close eye on their shares, as it could grow just as the iPhone maker’s have.

Do you think we will see an Apple Tablet PC and will it be able to turn around Foxconn’s fortunes, if they are the maker?



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