Apple Tablet Not Big Announcement, Verizon Wireless Exclusive Is

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 26, 2010

Everyone is getting really excited about the rumored Apple tablet announcement tomorrow, but we may be overlooking something that is staring us right in the face. AT&T have had the iPhone exclusive for a long time, which has had many phone buyers crying out for an iPhone on Verizon Wireless but that has not happened yet.

What is better than a Verizon iPhone? A next-generation Tablet PC from Apple with a 3G wireless connection and WiFi, which is also exclusive to Verizon Wireless. Imagine if Apple partner with Verizon for a new Tablet / iSlate / iPad or whatever they will call the device. This could be just what Verizon need to lift profits, and get an edge on the competition.

The Washington Post has taken a look at this idea and how an Apple tablet exclusive could cause regulatory concerns at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The idea is not just a pipe dream; there is some solid evidence that something big is coming from Verizon on Wednesday (the same day as Apple’s big announcement).

Have you been watching AT&T iPhone customers with envy? Would you like an Apple Tablet PC that’s exclusive to Verizon? Read more on, and then share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • paliometoxo

    my god apple. all that waiting and counting down for this shite? beatles? a band from 100 years ago was worth putting timers and saying some bull shit about an amzing day or what ever the crap line they put on there….


  • The Franchise

    The Verizon advertising campaign was the "proverbial shot across the bow" for Apple. That was a controlled blitz designed to let Apple know if you do not open the i-phone to the rest of the market that these type of ads are what you have to look forward to going forward if you remain exclusively in the AT&T camp. AT&T does not have the cash flow to combat those type of extended advertising campaigns and industry experts agree Apple does not want to spend that kind of cash to combat that type of ad campaign. Trust me Apple does not want to shut out a potential the 91.2 million cell phone subscribers who currently reside in the VZW camp. Apple's focus is to continue to grow its share of the domestic smart phone market and can do it much easier opening their handsets to additional providers such as VZW and Sprint.

  • Kevin Finger

    I don’t think Apple is in any hurry to do business with Verizon, especially after their recent negative advertising campaign’s, one of which was targeted against the iPhone and attempted to tarnish Apple’s brand image. That commerical was called “The island of unwanted toys” or something like that. AT&T will be the exclusive provider for the iPad. Hallelujah.

  • 3Geo

    This story, like many on the web turns out to be instant speculation, and entirely incorrect. AT&T is the exclusive provider in the US! Verizon (and Sprint) won’t have any Apple opportunity until it gets right with the rest of the world with GSM connectivity. That’s not until LTE (GSM 4G) is working on the Verizon network. The Droid will have to do for now!

  • leftfoot

    This article is just stupid. Apple has made the most money, ever. With the end of the ATT exclusivity, they won’t sign another exclusive contract with another company. Instead they will open the market to ALL carriers.

  • Pieter

    So what? What the hell does it mean for us in THE REST OF THE WORLD you stupid self-centred ugly american SH$T? Of course the Tablet is the most important!

    • natselag

      It’s not our fault we are the center of the world. Go read a column thats geared towards your country.

  • Jimmy

    The Tablet on Verizon only would be sweet… but I think the customers want the iphone. You want to drive sales… offer the handset as well. More customers will buy the handset over the tablet.