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Apple iSlate vs. Netbooks: Retailer gives opinion

There is no getting away from the constant rumors of an Apple Tablet PC, which has been dubbed the iSlate, iTablet and iPad. Retailers have been giving their opinion as to the effects that it will have on netbooks. There are those who say that there are two factors involved, the hardware and the price.

Well we do not have to worry about the hardware side of things as we know that Apple are on top of their game in that department. However, when it comes to pricing, the iPhone maker seems to be living on a different planet, although this has never stopped strong sales and huge profits.

Price is still key though and according to will be most important to online retailers. If Apple do announce its new Tablet PC at their Press Event tomorrow then users will have a choice of two small devices this year, the other is the three-year-old netbook.

We now wonder if the netbook has had its time and that the Tablet will take its place this year. If the launch of a number of tablet devices were anything to go by at CES 2010, then there is certainly some truth in that statement. expects tomorrow’s announcement to have a huge effect on netbook sales. Microsoft was due to launch their tablet, the Courier but has decided to back the HP device instead. Not the battle that we had hoped to see, so it looks as though Apple will have no serious competition.



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