Apple Confirms Major New Product: iPhone 4G / Tablet PC

By Peter Chubb - Jan 26, 2010

Following on from Apple’s Q1 2010 earnings that we mentioned yesterday, many of us have been wondering if Apple will unveil its new Tablet PC or the iPhone 4G at their Press Event tomorrow. However, it has been said that Steve Jobs gave a wink and hinted that it will be the tablet device that will be the big news.

According to Electric Pig, Apple COO Tim Cook also added more speculation by saying “I wouldn’t want to take away your joy and surprise on Wednesday when you see our latest creation.” This was just after Jobs announced that Apple had become a $50 billion company.

We are still not certain what the name of the tablet PC will be called yet; the three names in contention are the iSlate, iPad and iTablet. Let us know what one you prefer. It seems that Apple can do no wrong at the moment, and this latest device will only help strengthen the company while others are struggling.

Apple sales have been impressive in 2009, iPhone sales saw a 100% increase with iMac sales up by 33%. However, it was not all good, iPod sales were down 8% over the previous year, this could have something to do with Apple not launching a new model like they have with the iPhone and iMac computers.

If I were a betting man I would say that we will see the new Apple Tablet PC, a new version of the iPhone OS and also a Verizon iPhone.

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  • cuzisaidso

    Who cares what you personally won’t buy. Honestly this is the same crap I hear all the time we never move forward fast enough. Wait everyone should slow down til your ready. WOW!

  • Marlin

    firstly u r wrong about iPhone Verizon apple has defended AT&T and has said it will not ditch it. Secondly i hope os 4.0 only is revealed not a new iphone. lastly i dont think we are ready for a apple tablet yet i think if they put it off until 2011 it would be much more better 😀


    • Alex

      i dont mean to be rude to you but, whats your problem, if the apple tablet is released or a release date is given apples sales would skyrocket some more from what already has happed in the past years. also a Verizon iPhone would make millions of more people have iphones, again boosting apple and verizons sales. i personally would love a verizon iphone, AT&T is so bad that other people and me have given up the iphone and switched to a wireless company that doesent suck horribly, in hopes a verizon iphone would be released soon. also there have been reports of a CDMA chip being made for the iphone under verizons new LTE 4G sevice.

    • Adam

      From what I heard from my friend, who is a manager at a T-mobile retailer, both T-mobile and Verizon will be getting a 4G iPhone in June. Just because Apple has defended AT&T in the past doesn’t mean that they will only provide iPhones to one provider. From a business standpoint it makes sense to increase market share, at this point Apple can only do that by offering its product through other service providers.