2011 Ford Explorer: More Plant Workers Needed

Ford will soon begin production of the 2011 Ford Explorer at the Chicago Assembly Plant, to begin production however they require more employees, 1200 apparently.

It is thought that tomorrow Ford executives will officially announce the production of their new crossover SUV, currently this plant employs around 1400 people, however this workforce will not be sufficient for this new vehicle’s production.

The 2011 Explorer features a unibody design similar to what is used in the Ford Flex and the Lincoln MKT, prior to this Ford tended to use standard body-on-frame designs.

It is not clear exactly when production will start, however the official announcement will come tomorrow so we don’t have to wait too long, most rumors suggest production will begin in July.

To find out more about the Ford Explorer 2011 check out TruckTrend.



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