YouTube Online Movie Rental Service: Would you use it?

We all know that online movie rentals is big business, so it was surprising how long YouTube have taken to get in on the action. The company known for allowing users to share their videos with the world has announced a partnership with Sundance Film Festival; the deal will allow them to show independent films for its users.

However, it looks as though only the U.S. will benefit from this latest ventures, YouTube users in North America will pay $3.99 for 48 hours use of a movie. Although this does not sound like a great deal at the moment, owners, Google are in talks with other studios to offer more online movies to its users.

According to The Telegraph, YouTube will get a commission for each time the video is shown, the movie studios will still hold the rights. This is just the latest deal announced, another recent one was how the online video website will provide live coverage of the Indian Premier League cricket championships, which starts soon.

YouTube is also in talks with a number of UK content owners following a recent deal with Chanel 4 and Five. One suggested company would be ITV, as they hold a huge amount of content and would have more to offer than the other two channels combined.

The idea of YouTube offering more content is great, all these small channels will allow the online video service to provide a more comprehensive TV and Movie library, but will be much better if some of the big players end up on YouTube.

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