Walmart Clown Commercial: Do you find it funny?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 25, 2010

I have just watched the Walmart commercial with the clown. If you were a little scared of clowns before the ad, then you will be left feeling traumatized. Everything starts off fine with the ad, but then in a split second things change for the worst, well for the kids anyway.

Viewers who were watching the Conference Finals were treated to the commercial, which was a bit strange as all the fun ads are usually saved for Super Bowl. We are still not certain at the angle that Wal-Mart are going with this commercial, watch it below and let us know your thoughts.

It all starts with a father dressing up as a clown; the parents of the party had got all their party supplies and the clown costume from Walmart to help celebrate a Childs birthday. Things seem normal until the dad jumps into the room.

There is a sharp toy on the floor; well you can guess what happens next. The clown lands right on the horn of the unicorn and screams so loud that he sends the kids running and crying out of the room.

I laughed so much, but there are those who did not see the funny side of it, such as my friend who hates clowns. Walmart did not help his cause at all.

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  • Renie

    I found the commercial extremely funny due to the fact that the poor guy is trying to funny and entertaining, but it works out completely contrary to what he intends to portray by stabbing his foot and scaring the kids out of their wits instead. On the other hand I also feel the commercial is a little inappropriate for younger children or those that are traumatized by clowns.
    I guess it all depends on what angle you see or interpret it. I do hope people don’t overreact with this commercial, one has to be realistic…. you find good and bad or evil, even in the old fairy tales where you have villains, witches, trolls, etc. Some examples are the Harry Potter movies!! People can choose to watch it or not if they are affected. We all have choices. This commercial is a good example of a great oxymoron, which is what made it hilarious. My adult daughter was terrified of clowns as a child and still doesn’t like them but thought it was hilarious, as well.

  • This is the second best commercial I have ever seen. Sure clowns creep me out a tad, but the art of this ad, the incredible scream, the hesitation or dramatic pause in the wife’s voice as she mentions “clown outfit” and the scattering of the kids is amazing and my gut hurts each time I see it. The play on the phobia of clowns that some people have is played up by this ad intentionally, they use that to heighten the point and it’s played up perfectly. I say kudos to the creatives that made this ad happen. Wish I had been there for that!


    This is perhaps one the funniest commercials I have ever seen.

    I was terrified of clowns as kid myself, but his just makes me crack up everytime I see it. Commercial gold.

  • still laughing

    this was H I L A R I O U S, i fell out of my chair in a fit of laughter

    @niki, for heaven's sake give us all a break. I was afraid of heights as a kid, should my parents have been up in arms every time Delta or United airlines aired a commercial about their flight services???

    the wicked witch from snow white terrified me when i was 5 years old, should my parents have sued Disney b/c the commercials scared the crap out of me??? Shut the dang TV off for the love of GOD!!

    UGH some people are fun-sponges

  • Adrian

    Disappointed in what, Niki? That they aren't catering to people with obscure phobias?

  • Niki Johnson

    My daughter is terrified of clowns and burst in to tears as soon as she saw this commercial. Very disappointed with Wal-Mart!!