Verizon iPhone 4G: What can Palm do?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 25, 2010

With just a couple of days to go until the Apple press event, we now expect an announcement to be made about a Verizon iPhone 4G. This is certainly great news for so many users but it is Palm who will now be feeling the pressure, as they struggle to keep hold of customers.

Palm had hoped that its Pre would do very well with Sprint, but things never turned out as they hoped. The cell phone maker were hoping to work with Verizon more, but that does not seem likely now, as they will put a lot of their effort towards the Apple iPhone.

Verizon Wireless has a great 2010 planned, with Android playing a major role and a possible link with the iPhone there will be no room for Sprint as well, the question is, what will they do now?

According to CooltechZone, Palm is thought to be working on a GSM version of it’s Pre and Pixi handsets for AT&T, but we wonder if it is already too late for Palm to make up ground. Do you think it is too late for Palm, let us know what you think they can do?

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  • Markus

    Saying that sales of the Iphone would stop over an announcement of a June Verizon date is basically saying nobody like ATT anyways except for the Iphone. There are actually people out there who like ATT and even buy other phones on ATT besides the Iphone. Shock! I know, it happens. People will still buy ATT Iphones. People will still buy ATT other phones like the Blackberry Bold. So it won’t halt all Iphone ATT sales.

  • Steven

    There won’t be a verizon iPhone. Nor will there be a verizon tablet. It’s all AT&T

    • Leering

      I wasn’t aware you can tell the future.

  • J Thunder

    It is very possible Apple will release a version of iPhone called the WorldPhone (GSM Quadband + CDMA). This will support all major carriers. But, it will not ship until possibly June if its confirmed. iPHone and ATT has to split this week before it can happen. But for sure, WorldPhone is on the works.

  • Remo

    A Verizon iPhone wouldn’t be released (if it exists) until June. If they announce it now all sales of iPhone would come to a stop. There is no way Apple would shoot themselves in the sales foot like that and I cannot believe any legitimate business annalist would predict such a ridiculous move.

    • MegMo


      I think you’re looking at it from an AT&T perspective. Why would Apple care what carrier someone used to purchase an iPhone? They’ll get the money either way.

      AT&T will still carry the iPhone, it’ll just lose exclusivity. So people who are already on AT&T and were considering the iPhone will still buy one. But the benefits of making the announcement and creating the hype will far outweigh any negative effects. There are millions of people on Verizon, like me, who could get an upgrade now, but will wait for the iphone in June.

      If it’s coming, they’ll announce it. And be even richer for it.