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Peter Misek: iPhone OS 4.0 and 4G via Verizon is ‘two more things’

Whenever Apple have an event like the one being held on Wednesday, January 27, 2009, Steve Jobs always ends by saying “One more thing” However, according to Peter Misek it looks as though there could be two more things, and that is the iPhone OS 4.0 and a 4G version of the iPhone going to Verizon.

The main event looks certain to be the unveiling of the Apple Tablet PC, with these other announcements being the icing on the cake. The rumored launch of the iPhone 4.0 OS could go on the current iPhone or the new model, but we recently mentioned that it could be the operating system for the Apple iSlate device.

According to Barron’s, Misek does suggest that an iPhone 4G via Verizon will be available from June 2010 and will see sales much larger than anything we have seen before. The phone will be launched with three standards, GSM, HSPA and CDMA. However, rumors of an iPhone supporting LTE for faster mobile Internet speeds will not launch until 2011.

We mentioned in an earlier post that if Verizon were to get the iPhone then this would be bad news for Palm, as they are already struggling with their Pre and Pixi handsets. Palm had hoped to work with Verizon, but it looks as though they will be kept busy with the iPhone and a host of new Android based handsets.



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