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Mass Effect 2 DLC: You can’t download it if you buy pre-owned

Those of you who were hoping to get the Mass Effect 2 DLC for free, you cannot download it just yet. However, those of you who have purchased a pre-owned copy will not be able to download it at all, which has come as a shock to those affected.

We reported earlier that the Mass Effect 2 DLC had been made available early, but it has now been removed from Xbox 360 Live. This is the latest strike by a game developer to try and tackle the popular second-hand market. By not making the extra content download available to those with a used copy of the game, it might persuade users to begin buying new copies instead.

To get the free DLC you will need a one-time code, this will give you access to the Cerberus Network. This is only given to new copies of Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360. However, if you do not have the code because you have a pre-owned copy then you can still get a code from EA, but you will have to pay for the privilege.

So what makes this new DLC so special that people will want it? Well according to Spong, the first is that you will get a new mission called Normandy Crash Site. You will then be given new armor and weapons along with a new Umbra Visor to help battle your enemy. These new items will coincide with the launch of Mass Effect 2.

Do you think that EA and other game developers will help persuade gamers to stop purchasing second-hand games in favor of the more expensive new copies?



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