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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Xbox 360’s free download pulled

Mass Effect 2 DLC for the Xbox 360 had been released for free download earlier, but we are now hearing that it has now been pulled from Xbox Live. The download had been made available for those who pre-ordered Dragon Age: The Collectors Edition.

It was obvious that the free Mass Effect 2 DLC was an error, which is why it was pulled. It seems funny that it took them that long to notice the error of their ways. We wonder how many Xbox Live users were able to download the game before it was pulled?

Now that it has been pulled you might still be able to download it if it was in your download queue, best go give it a go now before it is too late. Let us know how you get on. Some IGN readers are still able to see the download the content, which does seem strange.

There were even rumors that the game would be coming to the Sony PS3.

Gamers are now reporting that they were only able to download the first, how did you get on?



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