Insiders: AT&T iPhone exclusivity ends in 2 days, Verizon anyone?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 25, 2010

It seems as if all I have posted about this last month has been the Apple iSlate/iPad/Tablet, however an “inside source” is reporting that there may be more being unveiled then just that when Apple hold their media event Wednesday.

According to the source and HotHardware Apple will also announce that AT&T’s exclusivity for iPhone will be ended, therefore paving the way for a Verizon iPhone.

Whether this “reliable source” is trustworthy is impossible to say, therefore we must just treat this as a rumor at the moment, just aswell its not too long until we will find out for sure.

As we hear of any information which confirms/refutes these claims we will keep you posted, for more details check out HotHardware’s very detailed article.

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