Google Cyberattacks: China denies any state involvement

The whole Google and China thing will not go away, the latest is that China has denied any state involvement in the cyberattacks against the search engine giant. They have also accused the U.S. government of double standards as the row over Internet freedom became much worse.

This latest development comes after a statement issued by Barack Obama, where he said he was “Troubled” by Google’s statement that Chinese based hackers were attacking them, the U.S. president said that he wanted answers.

Following these recent attacks, Google has said that they will walk away from China and take their search engine with them. They have finally had enough and said that they will no longer give in to Chinese censorship. China has and is still denying these hacking charges.

The Chinese government has said that it is not just Google under attack but China as a whole. According to the Global Times, they have suggested that it is the United States that is the source of the attacks. The newspaper said, “The US is the first country to launch cyber warfare.”

The Global Times did not stop there; they also suggested that the U.S. have been resorting to double standards. Read more information on this visit AFP



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