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First iPhone Baby with Menstrual Calendar App

We all know how hard it can sometimes be to fall pregnant, which is why a woman and her husband were thinking of going through the IVF program. However, they thought that they would give it one last try themselves but thought about using the iPhone to conceive a baby.

The couple have were trying for four years but thought about looking at some of the apps available through the app store, there were three to choose but went for The Free Menstrual Calendar. The British woman had to enter her body temperature daily; the app then calculated when she was at her most fertile.

It took just two months for her to fall pregnant, but now they have a beautiful little girl. For those using the app you will know that it highlights pink when you are at your most fertile, the iPhone application then gave the couple up to three days to have sex before it was too late.

This is just the latest in a long line of iPhone apps designed for future and current parents. Just recently the new Cry Translator app was launched, meaning that it will identify what an infants cry means. Read more about that by visiting The Daily Mail.



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