Apple Tablet, iSlate or iPad: What Name Do You Prefer?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 26, 2010

In two days it seems almost certain that Apple will be unveiling their new tablet computer, rumors surrounding this device have been non-stop, however we still do not what the device will be called.

There is a chance that it will be called the Apple iPad, however I feel that this name is too similar to the iPod, I very much doubt that it will be called the Apple tablet as most Apple devices feature an ‘i’ before the name (iPod, iMac etc).

Currently the most likely name in my opinion is the Apple iSlate, this name seems pretty certain as Apple recently brought a few domains which included,, and

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  • lee

    whn is the release date for islate ?

  • Syn

    I think its good they are calling it the iPad, sow when they get their heads out of their ass they can make an OSX tablet PERSONAL COMPUTER (NOT an overgrown iPod Touch) they can name it iTab or iTablet so it will sound like a real electronic device not a space age feminine hygiene product.

  • Kirty Morse

    Seems iBook is even better – if it will be a popular reading device. iWant1

  • Mac’s new computer will soon grow after this initial push period during it’s unveiling. The touch screen and Mac’s potential to fix issues will definitly to make the iTablet a monster in time.

  • Brian Downer

    iBook. Obviously.