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9 minutes of PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain

For those Sony PS3 fans who have been anxiously waiting for the release of Heavy Rain, we have located the first 9 minutes of this highly anticipated game. The video that we have for you below has been getting some mixed reactions on the Gametrailers website, let us know what your thoughts are.

Some of the comments have been great to read though; one guy said that it was like Sony’s Home but with quick time events. He did add that it was a joke, but we have to wonder if there is some truth in that statement.

The video is in standard quality, would have been much better if the teaser would have been shown in High Definition. The first 9 minutes is a little confusing to us, as it looks, as though there will not be much game play.

However, one reader from Gametrailers did say that this was just the tutorial; its purpose is to immerse you into the game and teach you all the basics. If this is the case, then will be a little like Assassin’s Creed was. You will just have to be a little patient with the game at first.

This could go one of two ways for the game, gamers will love the idea of getting used to the controls or they will just get bored and stop playing. Some people want to buy Heavy Rain to start playing it from the moment it loads; the jury is certainly out on this one.

Watch the video below and then let us know what your thoughts are.



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