New AT&T-Verizon Wireless Plans: Unlimited plan may cost more

By Peter Chubb - Jan 23, 2010

When we discussed the other day about the tweaks on the AT&T and Verizon Wireless talking plans we knew that it would spark off a pricing war. However, looking at a recent report from Cnet News, it seems that customers could end up paying more and not less.

Sprint Nextel was the first to offer an aggressive pricing plan, with the other big two following shortly after, but what is thought to be simpler pricing plans are now very difficult to understand. Customer are now finding it hard to understand where they can save money, so Cnet News thought that they would offer a FAQ for them.

The easiest way to understand these new pricing plans is that you will save more money on voice calls. All three carriers have lowered the price of their unlimited voice plans; it is when you want mobile Internet access when things get more expensive.

If you were thinking of signing a new contract or want to upgrade to a new phone, you should read through the Cnet News FAQ to understand what these changes mean to you, much better to find out now before it is too late and you are in a new 2-year contract.

The questions are not aimed just at AT&T and Verizon; there is also advice for Sprint and T-Mobile USA customers as well.

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  • Tim Robertson

    AT&T's wireless service is very expensive. It's about the same price as Verizon. The only difference is you actually get good service with Verizon. With Verizon, you can actually complete a call. Like John Bracken, I also live in Cincinnati and have AT&T's 3G service. Believe me, their 3G network is so unreliable. I can't make a clear call with my iphone. You always hear static, crackling, interference, and voice cut-outs. A lot of the time, the voice will sound garbled, even with full antenna strength. Throw on top if this, not receiving many picture, text and voice messages. Also, there are times when someone will try to call my phone, and it won't even ring. I pay $100+ per month for this kind of poor service. Reception is quite spotty in many areas too. I do not recommend getting a service plan with AT&T Wireless. You will pay high prices and get poor wireless service and coverage.

  • John Bracken

    AT&T Wireless does not care about it's customers at all. I have called customer and tech support at least 3 times each and have gotten nowhere. They always submit a "trouble ticket" but yet nothing is ever fixed. They just don't want to spend any money or care enough to help you or to upgrade their crappy 3G network. I have a ton of dropped calls everyday, terrible voice quality where there is crackling and static in the line when I make a call, network busy messages, text, voice, and picture messages that I don't receive for hours, if at all, and poor reception. A lot of times calls won't even connect and I hear dead air space. There are numerous AT&T dead zones throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I can't stress enough, do not go with AT&T Wireless. I am so fed up that I'm contacting the Ohio Public Utilities Commission and the Better Business Bureau to get something resolved. My contract doesn't end until October of this year, but I will be more than happy to pay their early termination fee to get better wireless service.

  • Fred

    I have to agree with Maddy about Straight Talk. I have it also and it’s just so amazing and cheap. I have service anywhere I go.

  • Maddy

    As far as I’m concerned it is never wise to sign a two year contract with anyone. I much prefer to live a prepaid lifestyle which means that I never have to worry about bills I won’t be able to afford and I have no credit cards either. I find that being prepaid saves me money as well especially on my cell phone; I have the Samsung Finesse touchscreen from Straight Talk which is a very beautiful phone and I only pay $45 per month for unlimited talk, texts/MMS and data. Straight Talk runs on Verizon’s network nationwide so the coverage is the best but it’s only half the price.