Apple iSlate: Price consumers will not pay for Tablet PC

By Peter Chubb - Jan 23, 2010

Looking at a recent survey on the rumored Apple iSlate tablet PC, it looks as though potential customers would be willing to pay $700 for the device. However, there were rumors that the tablet could cost up to $1000, we will just have to wait until January 27, which is the day of the Apple Press Event.

According to, a number of customers would be willing to pay more than $700 for the rumored tablet PC, but how much better would the device be than the cheaper iPhone. Rumors suggest that the tablet will run on iPhone 4.0 OS, so how much more does it have to offer than the smartphone?

In the survey, it shows that at least 44% of consumer would not purchase the tablet if it came with a monthly data plan to gain mobile Internet access. The survey also showed that 39% of consumers would not even bother to purchase the iSlate / iPad without a monthly plan.

It seems that 73% of consumers were worried that the battery life on the device would be poor; if it offers more than 6 hours then they would consider purchasing the latest Apple gadget. However, latest rumors suggest that the screen would be OLED; this would certainly help increased battery life.

Apple is keeping things very close to their chest, as they always do. We are not even certain that the Tablet exists, only four days to wait.

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  • jo sunner

    Apple are cashing in on the highly successful iphone technology. I am an apple user but i’m afraid the ipad is now nothing new, its no more than a poor man’s iphone. Its an attractive looking machine and its this aspect they are relying on to sell it at a huge price. Sorry apple, your taking the mickey!!!! The ipad has poor memory, poor battery and lacks robustness. You can get more with a PC for a quarter of the price.

  • Jetsaholic

    Please, do yourself and all of us a big favor and stop calling it a PC. Macs are Macs.

    • Pedantwithamac

      No a mac is a type of raincoat. A PC is a Personal Computer, of which Apple produce a particular type.