Toyota Recall Problems: January 2010 may not be a complete fix

Earlier today we reported that Toyota had been forced to broaden their vehicle recall, the recall is related to an acceleration problem that some vehicles experience.

The problem itself may result in a crash due to the accelerator peddle getting stuck, this has resulted in the biggest U.S. auto recall of all time.

Although Toyota report that they have resolved the problems a safety expert is not too sure, according to a recent article on ABC News an expert believes “this latest recall may still not be a complete fix of a problem that continues to be linked with serious accidents and deaths”.

The problem is currently a major suspect as to the reason four people have died, this occurred in a 2008 model the day after Christmas. Toyota once blamed the floor mats for this problem, however the floor mats were found in the boot of the crashed Toyota.

To find out more about the recall check out ABC News.



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