New iPhone 4G: 2010 release date details would overshadow iSlate

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 22, 2010

This year looks to be a good year to buy gadgets, and if money is limited or you like to buy products that will actually get used, then you need to think carefully before buying the latest gadget. 2010 should see a new iPhone 4G and an Apple Tablet that is rumored to be called “iSlate”.

We recently run a poll asking readers if they would buy the new iPhone 4G, Apple Tablet or maybe both products. You can view the results of that poll here. In a recent post we linked to full results of a Survey that showed the Apple “iSlate” Tablet PC is a product that is in demand, and other news showed that “Apps for Kindle” could be a response to the new tablet from Apple.

The rumors we have been hearing about the iPhone 4G seem to be endless – see the top 10 rumors – and a release date will likely be after June, it’s hard to believe any details regarding this release will become officially available at Wednesday’s Apple event.

The Apple “iSlate” Tablet PC is almost certainly going to be revealed, but for the iPhone 4G to get some spotlight would seem strange, as this would overshadow the major launch of an Apple Tablet device. Any details on a new iPhone would take the attention away from an Apple tablet, so it’s our bet that you will not get any information on a new iPhone at Wednesday event.

What are your thoughts on the “iSlate” and the chances of release information for a new iPhone at next week’s event? Do you think it would be good or bad for Apple to release any details on a new phone this month?

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  • lisa

    i bought a iphone 4 only $85 from, is it fake?

  • waheed

    sorry, there is no mention iphone release date. i need to know plz infrom me

  • deroo

    Apple cannot sit on this. They have to release a new device by the summer. I work in a tech industry and people are fickle. One minute the iPhone is the hottest thing then the next they won't stop raving about the HTC or Google phone. Fact is this, the 3GS was a minor step up in hardware, and a few major enhancements (with lots of little things) to the OS, but it still left us wanting more. I don't care about 4G or anything like that for now, but I do want something that isn't going to cost me £180 to ugrade to when it's just a slightly revamped phone. I've been due an upgrade to my 3G for a while, and I refuse to go to a 3GS cos it doesn't do enough. I bought an app that shoots movies, I don't really care about a compass (would be cool when I'm walking through London trying to find my way)….. but I do want a few of the suggestions made here:

  • Matt

    My contract runs out in 2days and i am unsure on which phone to get…
    1. Iphone 3gs
    2. wait for new iphone….depends when it comes out????
    3. HTC HD2 windows phone

    deffo difficult one

  • Ananymous

    i have an iphone 3g and i just want to say I think apple is pathetic. I see all these gret phones being dished out nad i wish i got them. you r hpones and hardware are not consistant and your customer service sucks. you really need to step up. welcome to 2010

  • Ana

    I think apple needs to step up their game. I bought the 3gs and was not impressed. Not much different from the 3g. And there are lots of apps but most are demos so u can upgrade later. Other companies are coming out with comparable if not better phones. If the new iPhone is not impressive to me they may loose me

  • David D.

    More specifically, I don’t think there will be any news on the iPhone 4G hardware. I think we will definitely hear something on iPhone OS 4.0, seeing as it should be tied to the tablet.

  • Derek Simoneau

    I agree, no mention of the iPhone but this iSlate better not postpone a new iPhone release for the summer. I’d buy both anyway probably, but I want a new phone more.

  • daveydog

    well, it’s possible that they need to push up the new iphone release due to the onslaught of android devices… May is a long time to wait to hear about the next iphone… in the meantime htc is releasing some very nice devices that absolutely are competitive with the iphone… and android apps are mostly free, another selling point. I’m tired of waiting on the verizon iphone.. and actually starting to prefer htc sense interfaces anyway. The iphone is getting old, even to me, someone who has wanted one for a long time. i’d have to get excited about a new apple product that I knew for a fact was coming to my carrier, to wait any longer…

  • Amando Bahena Jr

    Like you said if they say something about the iPhone then its going to mess up the tablet news.