Google Nexus One with Multi-Touch: App potential

By Peter Chubb - Jan 22, 2010

When Google launched its Nexus One phone a couple of weeks back, little did they how much it hurt not offering multi-touch support. It was for this reason that made the Apple iPhone as popular as it is, but there could be an answer for all you Google-branded phone owners.

One hacker has managed to crack the software, the Google Nexus One now comes with multitouch along with some other new features, these include SSH and USB support. iZgadget is certain that this hacker along with others will offer more modification over the coming weeks; one such feature could be full custom ROM.

We had assumed that Google would have offered more than they did with the Nexus One, but there seems to be a continuous pattern with Android phones and the lack of new features. However, now that Google has made Android 2.1 open source, it has potential to become greater than what it is.

IZgadget makes the bold claim that the Nexus One could become a better phone than the Apple iPhone, we are not too certain on that one, only time will tell. However, we have to remember that Apple are rumored to be unveiling a new iPhone 4GS soon, if this is true, then they may have to withdraw that bold claim.

With the Apple Event taking place next week, smartphone sales are certain to be slow as we wait to hear if Apple are to launch a new iPhone. If they do not announce anything then we could see sales of the Nexus One start to increase. This is only a thought; please do not hold us to it. here are the top ten new iPhone 4G rumors so far.

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