Google Earth Flight Simulator: GEVision and IO Developers conference

A recent article posed on FlightSim shows how some developers are using Google Earth to improve their Flight Simulators, this is made possible by a technology called GEVision.

There have been plenty of previous attempts at this, however GEVision is said to successfully allow applications such as MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) and XPlane to directly link in with Google Earth.

It is believed that GEVision will be revealed at the Google IO Developers conference in May, if you would like to see some screenshots and a video check out this link.

I feel that this is a great way to utilize data collected by Google Earth, and would like to perhaps see it used in games such as GTA in the future, for more details check out FlightSim.

Are you looking forward to seeing real Google Earth scenery in future Flight Simulators?



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