Apple Rumors Roundup: Verizon’s iPhone 4G, cloud storage

With just five days to go until the big Apple Press Event, rumors are coming in at a fast rate, with some being more plausible than others. As you can imagine, some of those rumors borderline on the insane, so how do we know what ones we should take notice off.

The latest rumors surrounding the Apple event are to do with the possibility of a Verizon iPhone and the other, cloud storage. The first looks at how iTunes Library could benefit from cloud storage, meaning that cloud would hold the metadata and then streaming would come direct from Apple.

This does sound great, as Apple would remember everything that you have purchased and play it direct from one of their servers. The only problem that we can see with this idea is the fact that AT&T is already feeling the pressure from data overuse. We are not certain how AT&T or Verizon would use this if they were to get the iPhone.

Talking about North America’s favorite cell phone carrier, there are fresh rumors that Apple are to announce a partnership with Verizon and the iPhone at next weeks event. We are not certain if this will be for the current iPhone 3GS or the rumored new 4G model.

Engadget points out that Apple never showcases too many items at once, the smart money is on the launch of their new Tablet PC and maybe a Verizon iPhone. Apart from that we cannot see Apple announcing anything else, what do you think?



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