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Another iPhone 4GS Wish List: Eight Things

A recent article posted on InternationalBusinessTimes looks into the upcoming iPhone 4G and what features they would like to see, you can see their fully detailed here, in this article we will look as some of the key points raised.

The eight things that IBT want to see in the upcoming handset include a powerful processor, a large high-resolution screen, a good quality camera, video calling functionality, multitasking, an improved browser, a memory card slot and a removable battery.

For me I feel that a few of these features are high priorities, personally I feel video calling is over-rated and not a necessity, however an improved camera (compared to the 3GS) is essential (perhaps around 8 megapixels with the ability of HD video recording).

The other of the above mentioned features I would like to see would be a faster processor, multitasking, a removable battery, a microSD memory card slot and perhaps a slightly larger display supporting a higher resolution.

What would you like to see the iPhone 4G include?



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