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Nintendo’s Wii Play: Top-Selling non-PC US Game Ever

We have recently found out hat Nintendo’s Wii Play has become the biggest selling console game in the US of all time, a large majority of the top 10 selling console games have been for Nintendo consoles.

Although exact figures are not known the sales figure is said to be far in excess of 24.43 million. Currently in second place is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, in third place is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and in fourth place is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, to see the full list check out this link.

The reason for Wii Play’s success is mainly due to the fact it appeals to all ages, therefore despite Modern Warfare 2 coming fourth in such a small time I very much doubt it will ever overtake Wii Play, for further details check out JoyStiq.



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