New Apple iPhone 4G: What will 2010 model be called?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 21, 2010

When it comes to keeping its future devices secret, Apple is a master at it. Just take a look at all the hype surrounding their rumored tablet PC and new iPhone for 2010, if you are to believe all that you read then the iSlate as it is known will be launched in March, and a new iPhone will launch in April or May.

There are so many questions left unanswered, and we hope that Apple will answer all of them at their press event on January 27. The Apple Tablet PC will either be called the iSlate or iPad; we reckon the former sounds better.

Then there is the 2010 iPhone, we are not certain if this new phone will just be called “iPhone 4G”. The smart money is that 4G will be included, not because it will offer 4G support, but because it is the 4th generation of iPhone from Apple.

We do not have any official information at the moment, but it looks as though the new iPhone will receive a number of upgrades. The latest rumors suggest that the iPhone 4G will come with an OLED display, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, dual core processor, up to 64GB of memory and a touch sensitive case on the back.

Read the top ten rumors for the new Apple iPhone here.

So what do you think Apple will call its new Smartphone? Do you think the handset will come with the new 4.0 OS?

Updated – Post Was Corrected

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  • hjk

    how much is it gonna cost

  • thinkabout it

    4th generation perhaps?

  • mike

    do you even know why iphone 3g is called 3g??? its the network not the phone!! 3G network! theres no 4g network so they wont call it 4g

  • Steve

    My friend works for apple and he said it will be the first ever 3-D phone.

  • oliver ferriss

    the new iPhone HD ad from Apple :

  • Sambhav

    Need Flash!
    Bluetooth 2.0 should be more free from just other iPhone.

  • All of these “Apple Employees”


  • Dan

    I think Larger Memory, Custom Background Screens and more customizeable features… front camera for self pictures, camera with flash… and Flash App capabilities so we can view websites that run off of flash software. would be my biggest expections.. Though i don’t expect the Flash because on the Demo for the iPad, we saw the Blue Box of “I don’t run Flash” when Steve visited a website.

    I did like the Keyboard Accessory and for the iPad.. I wonder if the iPhone will be compatible… I wasn’t impressed with the iPad really, it just seems like a really big iPod Touch.

    • repoed2

      I really don’t think anybody was impressed-everyone at my school talked about it for about 5 minutes, and now nobody cares-the iPhone was innovative-the iPad, IMO, is just a giant iPhone without phone capabilites and a giant screen

      • reeem

        that would make it a giant ipod touch

  • Grigoris

    i really hope this fake iphone pic is the one apple use it looks so good, i would wait in line for days for something like this.. factory unlocked of course 😀 and 64GB obviously they will offer that..

  • chris

    Apple has been great not showing there hand untill there Speach/Show I hope Apple will stay with At&t. I would call the phone ( Iphone 4g) cant wait to what it looks like and hope I dont have to wait for summer to get it.

  • benny

    poor Vodaphone, having to sell all the old iphones ( if its true )

  • AppleEmployee

    Apple sucks, they under pay us all. Buy Microsoft!!

    • Happy apple employee

      Well…….. Your probably in sales ! Thats why 🙂 try motivating yourself to make more money . I.t pay great ……. I am very well off !

    • Ken Wobbleyou

      Tsk! Tsk! kiddies. Pity that you both appear so darned illiterate! Surprised that Apple actually employs either of you, never mind paying you a reasonable remittance!

      • dinme

        Don’t let them fool you, neither one of them actually works for Apple.

    • Kambo

      Your a dumb ass, WINDOWS is garbage!! MAC is the shit!! I have been a PC for 20 yrs. I just got a mac November 09,,…. I will never build or buy another PC No comparison to an Apple iMac is FLAWLESS!!! I wish i was a Mac 20 yrs ago

      • steve

        MAC is NOT flawless at all. yes they have a great operating system but thats the best thing about them. they are over hyped and over priced. if you are in audio or graphic fields YES u need a mac. if you are the everyday person a MAC is a waste of money. a PC would be absolutely fine! and if your thinking of coming back witht he favorite line of "macs dont get viruses". dont bother. MACs CAN get viruses. however apple is very quick at putting out a software patch to block it AND, 88% of the world uses a PC , if you are going to make a virus, why would you make one that would only affect 12%?

        • aDog!

          if you want a pc to be stable maybe you should stop watching porn and complaining about viruses.TOOLS!! or you can get a decent anti virus system not norton or mcaffe and actually run virus scans!

      • MAC-to-PC convert

        I was a MAC for 10 years before going to PC. I'll NEVER go back. MAC is too proprietary and expensive and they assume their users are simpletons just because they're artists. Yes, I do ALL my graphics on PC and I'm a professional designer of 20 years.

  • zack

    to be honest with you i dont believe anything until apple confirms it and when they have it in the hands showing us,
    and an iphone for verizon is not likely

    • r_gosey

      at&t sold the exclusive rights for the iphone to verizon so verizon will now have the iphone but only the 3g

      • James

        Verizon hasn’t gotten anything yet. They are in a battle with Apple right now trying to decide who is going to repair the iphone. Verizon wants to repair them and Apple wants to repair them so Apple will win since they own it.

      • jim

        you stupid dumb BITCH STOP using gods name in vain !!!!!!