Mini Cooper SUV: A First Look at the Countryman

Two years ago Mini introduced its Clubman, this larger version of the Cooper hatchback was slightly larger than the standard Cooper, however still not big enough for some buyers.

Mini have recently revealed their Mini Cooper Countryman, this is an SUV which would directly compete with the Honda CR-V, the Land Rover LR2 and the VW Tiguan.

The Countryman will be released in a years time and will feature a choice of engines, one of which is a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine which produces 120 horsepower. The other engine is the same but turbocharged and will produce 184 horsepower.

From what we can see the Countryman will be available in front or all-wheeled drive, the main noticeable thing about this vehicle is its size, it features 4 doors and a relatively large boot, for more details check out KickingTires.

Would you choose the Mini Cooper Countryman over competing vehicles?



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