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iPhone OS 4.0: Will it Compete Directly With RIM’S BlackBerry OS?

There has been a lot of speculation as to what iPhone OS 4.0 will bring to the iPhone when it is released, a recent article posted on T3 looks at how iPhone OS 4.0 may compete directly with RIM’s BlackBerry OS.

Previous iPhone OS versions have not offered a great deal of functionality for business users, however if the latest rumors are true there may be a few additions which will make this new OS appeal to business users.

From what we can see OS 4.0 will support business email, not only this is but it will also see support for encryption along with “a series of business-focussed APIs”.

I feel that a lot of business users will require multi-tasking, therefore if this is not offered in OS 4.0 many customers will be put off.

Would you replace your BlackBerry handset with an iPhone if these additions were included in OS 4.0?



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