Twitter Goes Over Capacity: Another earthquake in haiti blamed

Twitter has gone over capacity, with the blame going on another earthquake hitting Haiti. This is now the second one in a week, with the aftershock measuring 6.2 magnitude. The microblogging website was forced down due to the number of Tweets coming in all at once.

It looks as though no more Twitter applications are being allowed to connect for the moment, even the homepage has the capacity page. It did not take long for this to happen, once the second earthquake hit, within minutes Twitter was feeling the strain.

The number of people Tweeting and the Re-Tweeting crashed the system. There have been a number of updates since Twitter first went down, one minute it is up, the next it is back down again.

The last we knew the service was back up, but it is very clear that things are very unstable. According to Twitter issued a response, they said that they had experienced a high number of errors but there was no loss of data.



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