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Rhapsody Beta: Available for Android Devices

If you are a fan of the Rhapsody online music service and own an Android handset you may have been frustrated with the lack of a Rhapsody application for your handset, however a beta has recently been released for Android devices.

The application itself is said to be noticeably different to the iPhone equivalent, one great thing is that the program can run in the background due to the multi-tasking capabilities of the Android platform.

Features in the Android version are said to be what your would expect, the interface is said to be pretty intuitive and slick, overall it is said to have a darker look and feel than other Rhapsody applications.

The application is not perfect, however it’s on the right tracks, if you would like to try out the beta check out these instructions, for more information check out Cnet.

Have you used Rhapsody beta for Android? If so, tell us what you think so far in the comments section below.



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